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How to find a roommate in Toronto

Few things are as nerve-wracking as trying to find a new roommate. Here are our top tips for finding a roommate or room for rent in Toronto.

Friends, family and colleagues

The first thing to do when looking for a roommate is to tell everyone you know about your search. Send a group email to your friends, family and colleagues telling them what you’re looking for and by when. Post a message to whatever social media channel you frequent and ask people to share it among their circles. Tell your barista, that guy you just met at the dog park, and everyone else who crosses your path. Just because no one in your immediate circle of friends is searching for a roomie, someone in your mom’s friend’s daughter’s might be.

Networking events

Networking events are an excellent way to meet people who share your interests, hobbies or profession. Check out the calendars on BlogTOEventbrite and Meetup to find out what’s happening in Toronto every night of the week. Look for events which are likely to attract a crowd of your age, income and lifestyle, and where the focus is on mingling and making connections. Don’t forget to work your roommate search into your introduction (if nothing else, it’s a good conversation starter), and leave them with your card or contact details.

Alumni networks

Your university or college alumni network is another great way to find roommates in Toronto. Most schools have alumni Facebook pages or online chat forums dedicated to big cities around the world where you can post a message. Sign up for the alumni email blasts and sign up for all the speakers, sports games, and charity evenings you can handle. Make sure to befriend the organizers, who likely attend every event and can connect you to people you may have missed.


While other websites claim to make matches based on preferences, Apartmate is the only website that calculates roommate matches based on personality, values and lifestyle. Using a method inspired by dating site OKCupid, you can  provide your own answer and the answer you would accept from your ideal roommate for a diverse set of questions. It is free to create a profile, search, and chat with potential roommates. If you’re looking for someone to pair up with to rent a place together, look for your best match among other roomseekers to find the perfect partner.


You can find Facebook groups to fill almost any housing niche. They are usually closed groups with administrators who try to keep things sane. However, they sometimes suffer from their own success – Once these groups get too big it can be hard to squash spammers and scammers. These are the biggest & best Facebook sites for finding roommates at the moment:

Craigslist & Kijiji

The classified sites that just won’t quit, many examples of roommate magic (and sitcom plotlines) have been found on Craigslist and Kijiji. They are buyer beware though – you have to know how to spot spam and be aware of common scams to look out for.

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